Mission and Values

Alexicon is continually working to be a leader with Advanced Business Analytics. We focus on Enterprise KPIs, Business Intelligence (BI), Data Integration, Lean Six Sigma, Business Management Methodologies, Big Data and more recently Modern Data Science.


We are focused on how businesses operate and building advanced BI visualizations, dashboards and reporting to improve Customer performance goals. Alexicon has a functional business view (e.g., Sales, Marketing, Finance, Engineering, Procurement, Warehousing, Manufacturing, Distribution and Customer Service) as well as a process-based Six Sigma view. By staying innovative and keeping core values in mind, long-term success is possible within the dynamic and growing enterprise business analytics market.

Core Values

Our belief is that providing the right solutions for our customers will create opportunities for continued business. Our day-to-day core values guide our long-term success:


Analytic software advancements are accelerating at rapid rates.  Alexicon invests in these areas to keep our consulting skills current and progressive which is intended to benefit Customer intelligence efforts around their business.

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